Our Entry for Google Web Rangers Contest

In today’s 21st century, the internet has become a fundamental part of today’s generation especially teenagers, who tend to spend most of their leisure time on social networking sites but we (teens and even adults) fail to understand "Cyber Security", which is very important today due to increasing cyber crimes. It is a matter of great apprehension that Cyber crimes like bullying, phishing has been very common these days. Challenges like Momo Challenge and Blue Whale Challenge that has been surfacing through these social networking sites have also resulted in many teenagers losing their life, around the globe. 

Therefore we, the students of Holy Cross School, Tadong, Gangtok, East Sikkim came up with an idea of forming a youth organization to ignite the citizens , young minds and our peers of Sikkim and the whole of India by conducting awareness drives/camps, hosting scholastic competitions like quiz, debates, essay, slogan writing etc focusing on the importance of Cyber Security , spreading awareness about internet safety and digital citizenship

As a result of our idea, “The Cyber Warriors” was formed on 29th August 2018.
The main aim of the trio of Cyber Warriors is to aware teenagers, who know to use social networking sites but are unaware of Cyber Security. Staying watchful and vigilant over the Internet and becoming a good digital citizen are the themes that we focus on during our awareness camps and various competitions.

Belonging to North-East India, people hardly knew about cybersecurity so it was a more tough job for us to educate and raise awareness among the general public.  But we took it as a challenge and not as a hindrance, which motivated us to do more than what our counterparts are doing pan-India. 

We are a team of three members: 

Rishal Pandey Chettri – Class X
Aditya Chettri – Class X
Sewandeep Sharma – Class X

During the 6 months of our mission, our works have been highlighted in many newspapers and have got wide public reach, both online and offline.

It makes us proud to say that we’ve reached over 30,000+ people both online and offline.

We started our campaign by posting images highlighting the importance of cybersecurity on our facebook page.

Link: 1)  Cyber warriors-phishers

         2) Becoming Good Digital Citizen

Then people started supporting our campaign and we were getting many shares for our post.

We thought of doing something big, that will have a huge impact and help us reach the mission of making a digitally literate world.

We planned to organize an awareness camp and various Intra School scholastic competitions including quiz and slogan writing competition at Government Secondary School, Majhitar; which is about 30 km from our school. With the due permission of the principal of our school, parents and the principal of the Govt. SS, Majhitar; we successfully conducted the said event on 8th September 2018.

The awareness camp, Intra-School quiz, and slogan writing Competition was a humble attempt by “The Cyber Warriors” to widen the horizons of students in various schools of Sikkim on Cyber Security- as cyber crimes like bullying, phishing is increasing day-by-day.  Addressing the gathering, Rishal Pandey Chettri; one of the members of Cyber Warriors emphasized ways to stay watchful and vigilant over the Internet and to become a good digital citizen.
The quiz competition was a two-rounded contest with written prelims and on-stage finals. The team of Adarsh Sharma, Darshan Basnett, and Pranita Gurung won the quiz competition. To motivate the students we also provided the winners, 1st runners up and 2nd runners up with certificates and trophies. The event was attended by the Principal of the School, Mrs. Tsheden Bhutia, students and various teachers of the school.
A total of around 1000 students from classes 1-10 attended the said programme , including awareness camp, quiz and slogan writing competition and was a huge success as it was the first event which we as the trio had hosted.
The impact of the event can be shown by the fact that it was widely appreciated and published by leading Newspapers/media houses of Sikkim.

1) Sikkim Reporter

2) Summit Times

3) Sikkim Chronicle

4) Sikkim Express

A group photo with winners, principal, teachers after the event:

Winners of Intra - school  quiz competition on "Cyber Security"

receiving their trophies and certificates from the principal of Govt. Majhitar Secondary School, Mrs. Tsheden Bhutia: 

One of the students carefully writing the answer in the prelims of quiz competition:

rtificate that were awarded to the winners:

After the success of the programme, we were determined to do something more to create awareness among the general public so we again started posting tips to become digitally literate and ways to stay away from cyber crimes on our facebook page to reach as many general public as we could.

1) PASSWORD isn't a great password

2) Be vigilant over the internet

3) Avoid unknown people

4) Stay safe online

Using social networking sites, we were able to reach out to a huge number of audience. The reach of a single post in a day would be more than 2,000. 

Now, with the due course of time, many other students wanted to volunteer our campaign. So, with the help of some of the other students of our school i.e. Holy Cross School, we conducted an awareness camp, quiz competition on Cyber Security for students of our school.
The awareness camp and the competition collectively had a reach of over 2500 students from our school.

The team of Cyber Warriors along with the volunteers during the awareness camp and quiz competition at Holy Cross School, Tadong

Quizmasters in action during the quiz competition on "Cyber Security"

Rishal Pandey Chettri addressing the august gathering and talking about Cyber Security to the audience 

We did not settle in !!!! Our mission was to achieve bigger, bigger than what we did yesterday .
So, we (Cyber Warriors) in association with an Online magazine, Wandering Souls of Sikkim(WSOS) conducted another awareness camp along with a small quiz competition themed "Cyber Security: how safe are you?" at Pakyong, East Sikkim on 3rd November,2018.
Around 500 + students attended the awareness camp.

P.S: WSOS was conducting an Inter School Competition "NEEV" and they invited us to talk and aware the students about Cyber Security and also host a small quiz for awareness.

Students listen carefully about Cyber Security

Rishal Pandey Chettri from Cyber Warriors highlighting the importance to be digitally literate to the students.

As 2018 ended and 2019 started, we were more committed to spread the message of how important Cyber Security actually is.

"Safer Internet Day. 2019"

5th February 2019 was recognized as Safer Internet Day. From cyberbullying to social networking, each year Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues. Taking the mission even further and with the idea of reaching the people and creating more awareness on #CyberSecurity, we at Cyber Warriors thought of doing something new and innovative this time; so, we planned to organize online quiz /slogan writing competitions along with awareness camps in various places of Sikkim on Safer Internet Day to create awareness among people and help them understand how important is Cyber Security.

CompetitionCountdown Begins

Creating awareness: Safer Internet Day by Cyber Warriors

Quiz Competition to check how much digitally literate you are.Poster of Quiz Competition

Link to Play the Quiz Competition: Play the quiz competition here

For Slogan Writing Competition, participants were asked to inbox us their entries and we are proud to announce that we've received 52 entries.

The Online Quiz Competition was a huge success with over 120 people participating in just 48 hours.

The winners were declared on our Facebook page and as promised, we've dispatched a certificate and a book to each of the winners of the online quiz and slogan writing held on Safer Internet Day,2019.

As a part of our
 outreach programme, we also organised awareness camps on 5th February, 2019 which is also "Safer Internet Day, 2019" at various places all over Sikkim educating people on being aware and cautious over the internet.

Some snaps from the awareness drive on 5th Feb:
People holding placards of slogans on cybersecurity during our awareness camp on "Safer Internet Day" :

Our Work on Safer internet day was also appreciated by media and published in newspapers.

1) Sikkim Express

2) The Voice of Sikkim

3) Fastest Fast Sikkim

4) Summit Times

More Images of the awareness camps conducted:
1) Reminder For Everyone!!!!


3) At Sadam, South Sikkim(100km from Gangtok)

4) Collage

We were very delighted to see that many people were supporting our campaign. Therefore, again we started using Facebook and under the banner of #cybergyan, we started creating awareness online as well.

1) Meaning of password

2) Stay Secure while browsing

3) Security Check

We also created a full form of WEB RANGER to help people understand how to stay safe on Intenet:

Full form of a Web RANGER

After conducting a series of awareness camps, various competitions to aware and promote digital literacy in Sikkim and via online campaigns, we organized roadside awareness camps at New Delhi, national capital region of our country on 13th February 2019 which is around 1500 km far from our tiny the Himalayan State of Sikkim. We created awareness among the general masses on Cyber Security and its need in today's world focussing on the theme "Fighting Misinformation- Finding the good, keeping the bad way"

Our campaign being carried out at New Delhi:

1) Passwords are like dirty socks

2) Fighting misinformation

3) SecURity

4) Poster made by Cyber Warriors

Newspapers highlighting the work done by Cyber Warriors at New Delhi:

1. Sikkim Express

2. Summit Times

Our campaign is a humble attempt to help Google India spread digital literacy aware people about internet safety and digital citizenship. We would like to, therefore, thank Google, our parents, teachers, students for supporting us.

People have been widely appreciating our campaigns-
People's review -1
People's review-2

We will further continue our campaign and widen it by covering other places all over India.

P.S: We started our campaign on 29th August 2018 and we were unaware of Google Web Rangers contest. One of our teachers told us about it in January 2019 and we started working even hard to reach out to campaign to as many people as we could.